Medically Yours Web Series Download : Today we re-appear with a ten-episode web series that presents various experiences of medical students in a great way. If you have liked watching films like Student Hai Or 3 Idiots and Kota Factory, then you will definitely like this web series. 

This great web series ALT Balaji exposes the talk related to the life of medical students, especially on the OTT platform. Today, we will present to you in detail the details of this. Let us move ahead now.

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Medically Yours Web Series

Series Genre: Comedy, Drama

Our Rating: 4/5

Director: Abhijit Das

Cast & Crew: Nityaami Shirke (Nibedita), Shantanu Maheshwari (Abir Basu), Shruti Bapna (Chandani ma’am), Keval Dasani (Lolly), Bijay Anand (Abir’s Father), Priyanka Arya,Manas Adhiya (Pallav) and Radhey Lotwala (Vishesh), Jayna Ruchandani, Mrinal Dutt, Shubhavi Choksey, Poonam Gurung, Trishna Mukherjee, Ivan Rodrigues Shuba Rajput, Annie Singh, Siddharth Sen, Vijay Tilani.

Total Episodes: 11 Episodes

Availability: ALT Balaji

Medically Yourrs | Official Trailer : 

Medically Yours Web Series Download or Watch Online All Episode : 

This Web Series is a story revolving around two main characters, with Abir Basu and Niddita being two characters. In which Abir Basu is from a family of reputed doctors. Here his father is the elder surgeon of the city, he also wants to make his son Abir a good doctor by asking him to follow his family profession. But Abir wants to make a good musician.

The other side of the story is Abir's family, who is hardworking and very passionate about his desire to become a doctor. Due to this situation, she becomes more favorite of Abir's father. Abir decides to give up his own dream to make his father happy and follows his father's obeisance. 

Nibedita who is better at studying than Abir, Abir knows this very well. He also plans to remove Nibedita from her competition. He starts having romance on bed with his teacher Chandani to score more in his apathy topics.     

In addition to the two characters here, you will see Geeky Pallav and Keval Dasani who will be seen acting as Cool Dude Lally of Kolkata Institute of Medical Science. There are many students in this medical college who have their own struggle and story. 

Here you will find Lalli, Pallava and Vishesh acting as friends of Abir and Nibdita, as well as seeing their acting will not stop you from laughing which will make all parts of this story look compelling.

All are living their lives with different fun inside the college, then suddenly suicide occurs in the college which creates tension among all. This state of mind will remind you of Joy in 3 Idiots. The college exams, friendship, mock tests and music passion of Abir etc. all help in removing this suicide Bali incident from the eyes. Do you think that Abir will be able to become a musician or will he succeed in fulfilling his father's dream ?

Detailed and Review For Medically Yours Web Series :

This web series, highlighting the real life problems, tells the Bali problem that comes in the life of every medical student, as well as how they are dealt with, etc. You will get to see the series. Here it will be seen how Abir will fulfill his father's dream and leave his dream and become a doctor in future and mess with Rogio's life, which is the dream of some other person.

Many such films have also been seen which tell the reality of today. Every year, many students are in the race to become medical students every year only to fulfill their parents' dreams. It will not look like medically Yours Walk web series, in which romantic scenes are seen. Apart from this, you will definitely get to see a lot of emotions and entertainment. You will be able to get a lot of juice from it.

Abir Basu emerged with a lead role even after doing a lot of wrongdoing due to his acting. His performance is also widely appreciated in the media. Nityami Shrike gets to see Nibedita's role as a wise and worried girl in a very brilliant way. 

Here, Bijay Anand played Abir's father and Shruti Bapna as Abir's teacher won her heart with her best performance. Abhijeet Das has expressed very well all possible experiences of life of students of Kolkata Institute of Medical Science in this web series. Also shows the mock tests or competition among themselves.

Through this web series successfully expresses the goodness and diligence of MBBS, it's going to be a best career choice. If you're thinking of going towards medical as a career or are a student, then you want to check this web series to see its reality once.

It shows the reality of medical as well as entertain you which will force you to watch till the end. All these things make Medically Yours one of the most popular web-series of Alt Balaji. If you are a student or not, in both cases you will be able to connect yourself to the web series.

Where Can You Medically Yours Watch Online ?

If you want to enjoy this series completely, then you can subscribe to it on Alt Balaji. Or you can try it by searching on Youtube.   

How To Medically Yours Web Series Download ?

Step 1) If you want to enjoy watching Medley Yours then you will need to take active membership on ALT Balaji's app. 

Step 2) If you have an active membership on ALT Balaji's app then login quickly and search for the medically your title or poster and click on it.  

Step 3) If you are not seeing this on the homepage, then quickly type 'Your Download Medicily Yours' in the search bar above, it will appear with the result. Start watching your episode by clicking on it, you can download it offline and watch it later.

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