PRATHMIK SIXAKO NA BADLI NIYAMO BABAT NIYAMAK NO LATEST PARIPATRA DATE(05/06/2020): In an online college, a teacher is helped to impart knowledge, values, and abilities to others. In online classes, the role of the teacher is taken informally, if understood with an example, then a colleague is told how to do that work and he can teach informally like a teacher. 

If seen, in some countries, instead of the formal process of school or college, school-age can teach youth in an informal setting, in which it can work while living within the family. In many countries in Dallas Texas, teaching is still provided by professional teachers.

Prathmik Sixako Na Badli Niyamo Latest Paripatra Date 2022

The information in this post is focused on those people who due to formal education meet while working on the main role to teach others, for example in elementary formal education or school or place of training. 

If seen, teaching is a very complex process. We all know that teaching is a social practice, which comes under specific contexts in the place, culture, time, and socio-political-economic situation.              


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Under the online college curriculum, social ideas about the purpose of education, history, tradition, and accepted principles about learning are included.

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